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Scheduling Tests

Create a Scheduled Test or Test Suite from the Testkube Dashboard

In order to run Tests and Test Suites on a regular basis, we support a scheduling mechanism for these objects. CRDs both for Tests and Test Suites contain a schedule field used to define rules for launching them in time. Testkube's schedule data format is the same that is used to define Kubernetes Cron jobs (check Wikipedia Cron format for details

Scheduling Architecture

Testkube uses the scheduling engine from Kubernetes Cron jobs. In fact, for each scheduled Test or Test Suite, a special cron job is created from this template.

Technically, it is a callback to the Testkube API server method, launching either Test or Test Suite execution.

This works similarly to scheduled Test and Test Suite executions done by external scheduling platforms.

In the Testkube Dashboard, when you have selected a Test or Test Suite, in the Settings tab, click on Scheduling to create a schedule for the Test or Test Suite.

Schedule Tests

Schedule Tests Test Suites