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Step 2 - Installing the Testkube Agent

Now that you've successfully installed Testkube's CLI, you'll need to install Testkube's agent to initiate a new environment.

To get started, sign into Testkube and create an account:

Sign in to Testkube

Installation Steps

  1. After signing in, create your first environment

Create Environment

  1. Fill in the environment name:

Fill in Env Name

  1. Copy the Helm install command into your terminal to install the environment and deploy the Testkube agent in your cluster:

Copy Helm Command

  1. Run the command in your terminal and wait for Testkube to detect the connection.

You will need Helm installed and kubectl configured with access to your Kubernetes cluster:

Install Steps 1

  1. After some time, you should see the Helm installation notice:

Install Steps 2

Validating the Installation

Testkube Cloud will notify if the installation is successful.

  • A green indicator means that your cluster was able to connect to the Testkube Cloud.
  • A red indicator indicates that the Testkube Agent can't connect to the Testkube Cloud API (Testkube needs some time to establish a connection, max time is 2-3 minutes).

Validate Install

In case of a RED status you can try to debug the issues with the command below:

testkube agent debug

By default, Testkube is installed in the testkube namespace.