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To improve the end-user experience, Testkube collects anonymous telemetry data about usage.

Participation in this program is optional. You may opt-out if you'd prefer not to share any information.

The data collected is always anonymous, not traceable to the source, and only used in aggregate form.

Dashboard telemetry

The webui dashboard collects user consent and then sends telemetry to the following services:

  • google analytics

API-server telemetry

Api server Telemetry collects and scrambles information about the host when the API server is bootstrapped for the first time.

The collected data looks like this.

"anonymousId": "a4652358effb311a074bf84d2aed5a7d270dee858bff10e847df2a9ea132bb38",
"context": {
"library": {
"name": "analytics-go",
"version": "3.0.0"
"event": "testkube-heartbeat",
"integrations": {},
"messageId": "2021-11-04 19:54:40.029549 +0100 CET m=+0.148209228",
"originalTimestamp": "2021-11-04T19:54:40.029571+01:00",
"receivedAt": "2021-11-04T18:54:41.004Z",
"sentAt": "2021-11-04T18:54:40.029Z",
"timestamp": "2021-11-04T18:54:41.004Z",
"type": "track"

What We Collect

The telemetry data we use in our metrics is limited to:

  • The number of CLI installations.
  • The number of unique CLI usages in a day.
  • The number of installations to a cluster.
  • The number of unique active cluster installations.
  • The number of people who disable telemetry.
  • The number of unique sessions in the Testkube Dashboard.

It is sent to and

How to Opt Out?

To opt out of the Testkube telemetry collection:

testkube disable telemetry

To opt in:

testkube enable telemetry

To check the current status:

testkube status telemetry