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testkube get testsource

Get test source details


Get test source, you can change output format, to get single details pass name as first arg

testkube get testsource <testSourceName> [flags]


      --crd-only        show only test crd
-h, --help help for testsource
-l, --label strings label key value pair: --label key1=value1
-n, --name string unique test source name, you can also pass it as argument

Options inherited from parent commands

  -a, --api-uri string       api uri, default value read from config if set (default "")
-c, --client string client used for connecting to Testkube API one of proxy|direct (default "proxy")
--go-template string go template to render (default "{{.}}")
--namespace string Kubernetes namespace, default value read from config if set (default "testkube")
--oauth-enabled enable oauth
-o, --output string output type can be one of json|yaml|pretty|go-template (default "pretty")
--verbose show additional debug messages