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testkube pro disconnect

Switch back to Testkube OSS mode, based on active .kube/config file

testkube pro disconnect [flags]


      --chart string             chart name (usually you don't need to change it) (default "kubeshop/testkube")
--dashboard-replicas int Dashboard replicas (default 1)
--dry-run dry run mode - only print commands that would be executed
-h, --help help for disconnect
--minio-replicas int MinIO replicas (default 1)
--mongo-replicas int MongoDB replicas (default 1)
--name string installation name (usually you don't need to change it) (default "testkube")
--namespace string namespace where to install (default "testkube")
--no-confirm don't ask for confirmation - unatended installation mode
--no-dashboard don't install dashboard
--no-minio don't install MinIO
--no-mongo don't install MongoDB
--values string path to Helm values file

Options inherited from parent commands

  -a, --api-uri string   api uri, default value read from config if set (default "")
-c, --client string client used for connecting to Testkube API one of proxy|direct (default "proxy")
--insecure insecure connection for direct client
--oauth-enabled enable oauth
--verbose show additional debug messages