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Testkube is able to run cURL commands as tests.

Default command for this executor: curl Default arguments for this executor command: -is

See more at "Redefining the Prebuilt Executor Command and Arguments" on the Creating Test page.

Abstraction over cURL

Testkube executor provides an abstraction over cURL that allow you to create JSON-based cURL test files. They allow you to combine a cURL command with expected results:

  • expected_status allows you to assert that a specific status code is returned.
  • expected_body allows you to validate the body of the response.

Below is an example of how to format the test:

"command": [
"'Accept: application/json'"
"expected_status": "200"

You can also find this test in the Testkube repository:

Example Test

In this example we will use the following cURL test:

"command": ["curl", ""],
"expected_status": "200"

Creating and Running a Test

If you prefer to use the Dashboard, just go to Tests, and click the Add a new test button. Fill in the Test Name, choose the Test Type (curl/test), and then choose Test Source.


For a File source, the test file is uploaded directly.

curl test - creation dialog - file

Git File

For a Git file, you need to fill in the repository details - Git repository URI (in this case, branch (main), and the path to the cURL test in your repository (test/curl/executor-tests/curl-smoke-test.json). In this example, the repository is public, but in the case of private ones, you would need to additionally fill in the Git credentials.

curl test - creation dialog - git file

When the Test CRD is saved to the yaml file, it can then be applied directly with kubectl apply -f SOME_FILE_NAME.yaml.