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Installing the Testkube Agent

Installation Steps

  1. To add a new agent, create a new environment:

Create Environment

Pass Info

  1. Fill in the environment name:

Fill in Env Name

  1. Copy the Helm install command into the terminal to install a new Testkube environment in Agent mode:

Copy Helm Command

  1. Run the command in your terminal.

You will need Helm installed and kubectl configured with access to your Kubernetes cluster:

Install Steps 1

  1. After some time, you should see the Helm installation notice:

Install Steps 2

Validating the Installation

Testkube Cloud will notify if the installation is successful.

  • A green indicator means that your cluster was able to connect to the Testkube Cloud.
  • A red indicator indicates that the Testkube Agent can't connect to the Testkube Cloud API (Testkube needs some time to establish a connection, max time is 2-3 minutes).

Validate Install

In case of a RED status you can try to debug the issues with the command below:

testkube agent debug