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Emitting Standard CDEvents

CDEvents is a common specification for Continuous Delivery events. Testkube is a proud supporter of this specification and we have added in the specification support for Testing Events to be release on v0.3.0 of the spec.

As of the 1.12 release, Testkube can emit standard CDEvents to a webhook endpoint. This can be used to integrate with any CD tool that supports the CDEvents standard.

Step 1 - Enable CDEvents

To enable CDEvents, you need to set the following Helm values:

helm upgrade \
--install \
--create-namespace \
--namespace testkube \
testkube \
kubeshop/testkube \
--set testkube-api.cdeventsTarget=https://YOUR_WEBHOOK_URL

For testing purposes you can use to get a webhook URL.

Step 2 - Test Emmiting CDEvents

To test emitting CDEvents, create a sample test with Testkube and run it.

cat << EOF | > curl-test.json
"command": [
"expected_status": "200"

testkube create test --name test-cdevents --type curl/test -f curl-test.json

testkube run test test-cdevents

Check the webhook sink to see the CDEvent emitted by Testkube. An event like the following should have been emmitted:

"context": {
"version": "0.2.0",
"id": "85e4cef0-e5bf-4bfd-9e62-5b227867b064",
"source": "cluster56c26628bece30eb07f01a64daaa3f27",
"type": "dev.cdevents.testcaserun.finished.0.1.0",
"timestamp": "2023-06-08T11:30:22.30535521Z"
"subject": {
"id": "test-cdevents-7",
"source": "cluster56c26628bece30eb07f01a64daaa3f27",
"type": "testCaseRun",
"content": {
"environment": {
"id": "testkube",
"source": "cluster56c26628bece30eb07f01a64daaa3f27"
"outcome": "pass",
"testCase": {
"id": "test-cdevents",
"type": "functional",
"uri": "/tests/executions/test-cdevents"


For more information about CDEvents, please visit the CDEvents website.

To know more about the Testing Events specification, please visit the Testing Events page.