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Testkube Open Source or Testkube Pro?

Designed to integrate seamlessly with your Kubernetes clusters, Testkube offers flexibility and power. For those searching for a quicker and streamlined experience, we suggest signing up for Testkube Pro. However, for organizations that prefer the hands-on approach, diving deep into the Open Source version could be the ideal choice.

Please refer to the table below to determine which version of Testkube best fits your needs.

Testkube OSS vs. Testkube Pro: At a Glance

HostedFully hosted on your cluster.Hybrid - Pro Dashboard with the Test Execution Agent on your cluster.
SetupUtilize a Helm chart, you maintain it.Simplified setup for a quicker start. Sign in here for free.
MaintainanceYour team manages S3, MongoDB, and API resources.Significant reduction in maintenance costs with Testkube Pro.
FeaturesCore functionality for executing tests.Builds upon OSS; enhanced with FREE and PRO features. Check Pricing.
SupportCommunity SupportAdvanced Support