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Testkube Core Open Source or Testkube Pro?

Designed to integrate seamlessly with your Kubernetes clusters, Testkube offers flexibility and power. For those searching for a quicker and streamlined experience, we suggest signing up for Testkube Pro. However, for organizations that prefer the hands-on approach, diving deep into the Open Source version could be the ideal choice.

Please refer to the table below to determine which version of Testkube best fits your needs.

Testkube Core OSS vs. Testkube Pro: At a Glance

FeaturesTestkube Core OSSTestkube Pro
Executors (Run any of your testing tools out of the box with Testkube, or create your own custom container executor.)Tests always run inside your K8s cluster.Tests always run inside your K8s cluster.
Test Artifacts (Retrieve all your tests files e.g., Cypress videos or JUnit reports generated from your tests.)XX
Webhooks (Configure Slack alerts, integrate with Grafana or integrate with any external tool.)XX
Test Triggers (Listen for Kubernetes events such as deployments and then trigger tests.)XX
Testkube Command Line (Manage all of your tests from your terminal or CI/CD.)XX
Dashboard (Centralised control plane and dashboard to manage all of your tests across all your testing environments.)X
Roles and Permissions (Control who has access to your test environments and which level of access.)X
Cached Test Results (Regardless if your cluster is down or not, Testkube caches all of your tests results which is helpful with Ephemeral environments.)X
Status Pages (Create a test based status page of your services to share internally or externally with your stakeholders.)X
TestWorkflows (Make your tests more efficient with Testworkflows.)X
Advanced Logs (Quickly find the root cause of issues in your logs by using Testkube's advanced functionalities.)X
Advanced Test Debugging (Compare different executions of your tests and analyze the logs of the Microservices being tested to find the issues.)X
Flaky Test Detection* (With the flaky test warnings from Testkube, your team can quickly pinpoint and isolate ambiguous tests, ensuring that you can rely on your testing processes.)X

*Roadmap feature.