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Advanced Test Orchestration

Creating Test Suites with Testkube allows for the orchestration of tests. Individual tests that can be run at the same time, in parallel, helps to speed up overall testing.

Running Parallel Tests in a Test Suite

Create a Test Suite

In the Testkube Dashboard, on the Test Suite screen, select Add a new test suite:

Add New Test Suite

Add Tests

The new Test Suite will be empty. Click on Add your first test:

Add First Test

Continue to add tests to you test suite. You can also add a delay when necessary to specify he length of time between certain tests.

Add Additional Test or Delay

For this test suite, we have added 5 tests that all run in parallel:

Tests in Test Suite

Here is an example of a Test Suite sequence with 2 tests running in parallel and, when they complete, a single test runs, then 2 addtional parallel tests:

Test and Order of Execution