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Welcome to the Testkube Documentation!

We're happy you're here to become a Testkube aficionado!

Getting Startedโ€‹

What is Testkube?โ€‹

Testkube is a Test Orchestration and Execution Framework powered by Kubernetes. It provides a single platform for defining, running and analyzing test executions, using your existing testing tools/scripts, running in your existing infrastructure.

Testkube consists of a Control Plane and any number of Testkube Agents. The Control Plane exposes a Dashboard for easy and centralized access to most Testkube features.

  • The Control Plane can be running either in the cloud or on-prem - Read more.
  • The Agents run your tests and are always running in your own infrastructure.
  • The Agent is 100% Open Source and can also be run standalone without the Control Plane - Read more.

Learn More About Testkubeโ€‹

Once you're up to speed and running your first tests, dive in and learn more about Testkube!