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Testkube Documentation

Welcome to our documentation! This is the place where you'll find everything you need to get ramped up and start testing with Testkube.

What is Testkube?

Testkube is a Kubernetes-native testing framework for Testers, Developers, and DevOps practitioners that allows you to automate the executions of your existing testing tools inside your Kubernetes cluster, removing all the complexity from your CI/CD pipelines.

Try It Out!

Tool Support

To start testing with Testkube, choose your favorite testing tool:

Advantages of Using Testkube

With Testkube, tests are part of a cluster's state and can be executed as needed:

  • ✨Automatically on deployment of annotated/labeled Kubernetes objects (services, pods, etc)
  • ⏲️ On a schedule
  • 🧑‍💻 Manually via Testkube's CLI or Open Source Dashboard
  • ⚡ Externally triggered via API