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Contributing to Testkube Core Open Source

If you are new to the open source community, use this guide to start contributing to projects:

Checkout the development document for more details about how to develop and run testkube on your machine.

General Guidance for Contributing to a Testkube Project

Anyone is welcome and encouraged to help with Testkube development; much opportunity for enhancement exists.

We would like to limit technical debt from the beginning, so we have defined simple rules when adding code into Testkube repo.

For Go Programming Language (Golang) Based Components

  • Always use gofmt.
  • Follow Golang good practices (proverbs) in your code.
  • Testing is your friend. We will target 80% CC in our code.
  • Use clean names and don't break basic design patterns and rules.

For Infrastructure/Kubernetes Based Components

  • Put in comments for non-obvious decisions.
  • Use current Helm/Kubernetes versions.