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Testkube allows you to automate running tests and test suites by defining triggers on certain events for various Kubernetes resources.

What is a Testkube Test Trigger?

In generic terms, a Trigger defines an action which will be executed for a given execution when a certain event on a specific resource occurs. For example, we could define a TestTrigger which runs a Test when a ConfigMap gets modified.

Watch our video guide on using Testkube Test Triggers to perform Asynchronous Testing in Kubernetes.

Creating Test Triggers in the Testkube Dashboard

Click on the lightening bolt icon on the left of the Testkube IDE to open the dialog to create test triggers. Any current test triggers will be listed and the Create a new trigger button is at the top right of the screen.

Trigger Screen

The Create new trigger dialog opens:

Create Trigger

Input the condition that will cause the trigger and click Next.

Input the action that will be the result of the trigger condition happening and click Create.

Create Trigger Action

Get all the details in the video below!

Video Tutorial