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Explore the Testkube Dashboard

The Testkube Dashboard displays the current status of Tests executed in your environment.

Test Workflows Dashboard

Select any Test to see the recent executions and their details.

The modal that opens has the following tabs:

Log Output:

Workflows Log Output


Workflows Artifacts


Workflows Code

Closing the modal reveals additional details about the workflow.

The Overview tab outlines the steps of the selected workflow.

Workflows Overview

The Executions tab has the list of executions. A green checkmark denotes a successful execution, a red 'x' denotes a failed execution and circling dots denotes a current run.


The CI/CD Integration tab shows any integrations used in the workflow.

CI/CD Integration

The CLI Commands tab shows the commands used to perform the selected test:

CLI Commands

Use the Settings tab to view or change the local settings of the workflow.

Workflows Settings