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General Settings


The features described in this document are being deprecated. You can find more details about the current Testkube features to perform these functions here.

Clicking the General box under the Settings tab displays the Test name & description and Labels for the Test or Test Suite:

Settings General

It is also the place to configure a Timeout or Failure Handling or delete a Test or Test Suite:

Settings General Delete


Clicking Test will display more details for the selected Test:

Settings Test

If you have selected a Test Suite, the Tests contained in that Test Suite will be shown. In this view, you will also see which test are run in parallel and which are run sequentially. Please see the Scheduling Tests doc to learn more about how to schedule tests.

Settings Test for Test Suite


Testkube allows for the Pre-Run or Post-Run of commands for a test.

In the Execution section of the Settings tab, you can set up a command or a script (relative to your source root) which will be executed before or after the test itself is started.


Variables & Secrets

Variable Tab

Visit Using Test Variables for a description of adding Variables and Secrets.


Add a cronjob-like schedule for your test which will then be executed automatically.


Scheduling Options


Clicking the Definition section under the Settings tab allows the validation and export of the configuration for the Test or Test Suite:

Settings Definition