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Testkube Jenkins UI

The Testkube Jenkins integration streamlines the installation of Testkube, enabling the execution of any Testkube CLI command within Jenkins Pipelines or Freestyle Projects.

If you're looking to use Pipelines and Groovy scripts, then look at examples from Testkube Jenkins Pipelines.

Testkube CLI Jenkins Plugin

Install the Testkube CLI plugin by searching for it in the "Available Plugins" section on Jenkins Plugins, or using the following url:

Testkube Pro

To use Jenkins CI/CD for Testkube Pro, you need to create an API token.

How to set up a Freestyle Project to run tests on Testkube Pro

  1. Create a new Freestyle Project.
  2. In General settings, configure the environment variables:
    • TK_ORG
    • TK_ENV

jenkins environment variables configuration

  1. Click on "Add Build Step" and select "Testkube Setup". jenkins testkube setup build step

  2. Specify a Testkube CLI version or leave it empty to use the latest version.

  3. Add a new "Execute Shell" Build Step and run one or multiple Testkube CLI commands. jenkins execute shell