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Emitting Kubernetes Events

Testkube can emit Kubernetes Events to your cluster. This can be used to integrate with any CD tool that supports the Kubernetes Events.

Step 1 - Enable/Disable Kubernetes Events

To enable/disable Kubernets Events, you need to set the following Helm values (it's enabled by default):

helm upgrade \
--install \
--create-namespace \
--namespace testkube \
testkube \
kubeshop/testkube \
--set testkube-api.enableK8sEvents=true

Step 2 - Test Emmiting Kubernetes Events

To test emitting Kubernetes Events, create a sample Test Workflow with Testkube and run it.

testkube create testworkflow -f EXAMPLE_FILE.yaml

testkube run testworkflow TEST_WORKFLOW_NAME -f

kubectl describe events -n testkube

Check your kubernetes event list.


For more information about Kubernetes Events, please visit the Kubernetes Events website.