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testkube debug controlplane

Show Control Plane debug information


Get all the necessary information to debug an issue in Testkube Control Plane you can fiter through comma separated list of items to show with additional flag --show pods,services,ingresses,storageclasses,events,nats,connection,api,nats,mongo,dex,ui,worker

testkube debug controlplane [flags]


  -h, --help            help for controlplane
-s, --show []string Comma-separated list of features to show, one of: pods,services,ingresses,storageclasses,events,nats,connection,api,nats,mongo,dex,ui,worker, defaults to all

Options inherited from parent commands

  -a, --api-uri string          api uri, default value read from config if set (default "http://localhost:8088")
-c, --client string client used for connecting to Testkube API one of proxy|direct|cluster (default "proxy")
--header stringToString headers for direct client key value pair: --header name=value (default [])
--insecure insecure connection for direct client
--namespace string Kubernetes namespace, default value read from config if set (default "testkube")
--oauth-enabled enable oauth
--verbose show additional debug messages